Saturday, February 04, 2006

Courtney Love Set Free From Her Home

Seemingly reformed rocker Courtney Love has been released from a court home detention order by a judge in Los Angeles.

The decision came after Love’s recent attempts to clean up her lifestyle and combat her well publicised drug addiction.

She was order not to leave her home in November by Judge Rand Rubin after her release from a rehab clinic according to the BBC.

"I feel like I'm getting my creativity back... and that I've put a very gnarly drug problem behind me," Love said at the hearing Friday.

Love is currently on probation for drugs offences and attacking a woman who she found in her boyfriend’s home with a bottle.

Kristin King, the woman she attacked, is currently in the process of suing Love over the incident.

At the hearing Judge Rand extended Love’s probation to 2007 and ordered to attend counselling sessions plus the twice weekly random drug and alcohol tests she already undergoes.


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