Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nerf Herder new album

On Led Zeppelin's IV, the act wrote about commercialism and Middle Earth; on Nerf Herder's IV, the band writes about cassette tapes and Led Zeppelin.

The nerd-punk band Nerf Herder is back at it and ready to release its uncreative, yet aptly titled fourth album April 29 from Oglio Records. The 12-track effort is the act's first full-length since 2002's American Cheese (review) (Honest Don's).

IV's track listing is:

Oh My, Oh My
Golfshirt (Part 2)
High School Reunion
WTC #7
Garage Sale
Led Zeppelin Rules
I'm Not A Loser
The Backpack Song


REM new album

Michael Stipe and REM are set to return April 1 with Accelerate, their 14th studio effort. A track listing and cover art are still being kept under wraps.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amy Winehouse drug-possession case

Amy Winehouse wants to reschedule a drug-possession case because she said she wasn't aware of its date.

The "Rehab" singer doesn't want to have to appear in court in Norway on Friday to contest charges of marijuana possession that stem from an October arrest, according to the Associated Press. Winehouse's lawyer contends she never received the letter that informs her of the trial date.

Police say she should have known about the upcoming hearing, whether or not she got the letter.


Black Francis new EP or a mini-LP

Black Francis is ready with an EP or a mini-LP or whatever you call a seven-song set of tunes these days.

The on-again-off-again Pixies singer/guitarist will drop Svn Fngrs March 4 through Cooking Vinyl Records. The seven-song set was recorded by Jason Carter (who also plays drums on the set), and recorded in a six-day whirlwind.

"I won't bother you here with what the damn concept is, but let's just say the theme revolves around a lot of nasty sex, nastier death and beautifully strange birth," Francis said in a statement.

Svn Fngrs' track listing is:

The Seus
Garbage Heap
Half Man
I Sent Away stolen from Averison
Seven Fingers
The Tale of Lonesome Fetter
When They Come to Murder Me


Against Me unreleased song recorded

Against Me is sending an unreleased song recorded the last time it went into the studio to the download companies.

You know what's a good way to make a little extra money between albums? First, you record an album and only slap 10 tracks on it; Against Me called it New Wave (review) (Sire). Make sure not to work too hard to round out the record to a respectable 12 or 13 songs, whatever you do. Then, a little down the line, plop one of the songs that wasn't good enough to make the final cut onto your anemic record onto iTunes and; Against Me is calling it "Gypsy Panther." It arrives on download sites' servers Tuesday if you don't feel too jilted to boycott that cash cow.