Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tose Proeski Died in Car Crash

Macedonia’s most famous pop singer, Tose Proeski, died in a car accident on Tuesday morning when his car collided with a truck near the Croatian town of Nova Gradiska.
Macedonian media report that the accident happened at 6.30 while Proeski was asleep in the passenger seat.
Proeski’s manager, Liljana Petrovic, and the driver were seriously injuared.
Police have not established the cause of the crash, but media reports say Proeski’s jeep hit the back of the truck’s trailer, its driver lost control and the car veered off the road.
Proeski was one of the most popular singers in the Balkans, and the most beloved teen pop idol in Macedonia. He was also recognised for his humanitarian activities as he held numerous concerts to collect money for handicapped children and for children growing without parents.
Erwan Fouere, the EU Special Representative to Macedonia said in a statement: "Today is a very tragic day for Macedonian people as well as for all music lovers throughout Europe and the world. Tose Proeski was a young, extremely gifted and exceptional musician. As Ambassador of UNICEF, he spared no effort in fighting for humanity and helping children, especially the ones with disabilities, as well as others in need."
Born in the central Macedonian town of Krusevo, Proeski’s first public performance was at a local children’s festival in 1998.
He represented Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.
Earlier this year, he was named as the most popular singer in Croatia, as one of his songs was the number one hit for 2006 in that country.
He was equally popular in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia, and was also famous further afield, in Ukraine and Belorussia.
Around thirty thousand fans attended his last concert in Skopje held on October 5.
There was shock and disbelief in the streets of the Macedonian capital, Skopje, as people found out about the tragedy. According to media reports crowds poured into churches in Skopje to light candles for Tose while shocked teenagers gathered in the main square.
The media have reported Proeski’s death in news flashes and special bulletins. Macedonian parliament cancelled the session scheduled for today after deputies observed a minute`s silence to pay their respect "to a legend", as parliamentary speaker Ljubisa Georgivski called the young singer.
Macedonia's government said it will declare October 17 a day of mourning.



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