Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jessica Simpson slamed by Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari has lashed out at Jessica Simpson and sources say she has blasted her as a bad actress and called her "delusional."

"Kristin thinks Jessica's pathetic," a pal of Kristin's told The ENQUIRER.

"She says that Jessica is delusional for wearing her wedding band on a chain around her neck like she's in high school or something.

"She says that Nick is through with Jessica and she needs to realize that it's over and move on."

"Kristin believes that Jessica is foolish for holding out hope that she and Nick can rekindle their relationship. Kristin says Nick finally realized that Jessica was never his true love and he'll never take her back."

Kristin, 19, who stars on TV's Laguna Beach, began dating the 32-year-old former boy band singer shortly after Jessica filed for divorce in December 2005. Their relationship only lasted about a month.

"It was nothing more than a rebound romance for Nick. But Kristin fell hard for him," said the pal. "She obviously still has a soft spot for Nick and some bitter, unresolved feelings for Jessica.

According to Post Chronicle, Kristin Cavallari may be taking over Simpson's movie role.

Cavallari is reportedly being considered to play the role of Daisy Duke, made famous first by Katerine Bach and then recently by Jessica Simpson on the big screen, in producer Bill Gerber's prequel to the "The Dukes of Hazzard," People magazine reported on Friday.
Gerber told People that Cavallari, 19, is "at the top of the list" for the role of a young Daisy Duke.

"I like her innocence and her beauty," he tells the mag, adding Simpson, 25, would be too old for a prequel, which will feature a "whole new cast."


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