Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Canada's Sloan American label tracks

Canada's Sloan have a new American label. There are 30 tracks on that compilation and the name is Never Hear the End of It.

Tracks are:
Flying High Again
Who Taught You To Live Like That?
I've Gotta Try
Everybody Wants You
Listen To The Radio
Fading Into Obscurity
I Can't Sleep
Someone That I Can Be True With
Right Or Wrong
Something's Wrong
Ana Lucia
Before The End Of The Race
I Understand
You Know What It's About
Golden Eyes
Can't You Figure It Out?
Set In Motion
Love Is All Around
Will I Belong?
Ill Placed Trust
Live The Life You're Dreaming Of
Living With The Masses
People Think They Know Me
I Know You
Last Time In Love
It's Not The End Of The World
Light Years
Another Way I Could Do It

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