Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rolling Stones will resume their world tour in Spain

The well-known guitarist Keith Richards, 62, is making "a speedy recovery" in a New Zealand hospital after an unexplained accident. Richards was airlifted to the New Zealand city of Auckland last week for examination after sustaining a "mild concussion" while he was vacationing in Fiji. The Stones camp has not disclosed as to what happened or when Richards would be released. However they did state that the European leg of their tour would go on as scheduled, on May 27 in Barcelona.

Since the 1960s, along with lead singer Mick Jagger, Richards has been the backbone of the Rolling Stones. In his younger years of arrests and drug abuse he received the reputation of rock 'n' roll's ultimate survivor. He has most certainly suffered his fair share of freak accidents.

Starting in 1998 when he broke three ribs and punctured a lung after falling from a ladder while reaching for a book in his library. Then injured again in 1990, when one of his fingers got infected after he punctured it on a guitar string. In both of these cases the Stones had yo postpone their concerts.

The doctors at the Melbourne Herald Sun described Richards as having been "seriously injured" in what it said was a 5-meter--nearly 16 and a half feet--palm-tree plunge. But the paper also said the rock 'n' roll survivor "could be discharged early this week."


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