Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yoko Ono - Yes, I'm a Witch album

Yes, I'm a Witch's track list:

Witch Shocktronica Intro - Hank Shocklee
Kiss Kiss Kiss - Peaches
O'Oh - Shitake Monkey Everyman...Everywoman - Blow Up
Sisters O Sisters - Le Tigre
Death of Samanthe - Porcupine Tree
Rising - DJ Spooky
No One Can See Me Like You Do - The Apples in Stereo
Yes I'm a Witch - The Brother Brothers
Revelations - Cat Power
You and I - Polyphonic Spree
Walking on Thin Ice - Jason Pierce
Toy Boat - Antony and Hahn Rowe
Cambridge 1969/2007 - The Flaming Lips
I'm Moving On - The Sleepy Jackson
Witch Shocktronica Outro - Hank Shocklee
Shiranakatta (I Didn't Know) - Craig Armstrong

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