Monday, September 04, 2006

The Gorillaz DVD


The Gorillaz will collect their videos, live appearances and extras for an upcoming DVD.

The band's Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades rounds up the videos and live "appearances" made by the cartoon band for its second album, last year's Demon Days (Virgin) (read Aversion's review) as well as a slew of exclusive content. The DVD comes bundled with a CD-ROM filled with Gorillaz-themed games and desktop goodies. It's slated for a late October release from Virgin.
Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades' track listing is:

Feel Good Inc. Video
Dare Video
Dirty Harry Video
El Mañana Video
Dirty Harry animatic
El Mañana animatic
The Swagga
Feel Good Inc. animatic
Dare animatic
Bill Murray
Spitting out the Demons
Kids with Guns
Samba at 13
Murdoc is God
Demon Days album ad
Demon Days Live DVD ad
Demon Days Live Manchester mash up
Dare Ringtone ad
GES mobile games trailer
Feel up Live performance
Celebrity Takedown DVD trailer
MTV Europe Music Awards performance
Brit Awards 2006 performance
El Mañana Live in Harlem
Brit Awards rehearsals
Gorillaz Live in Harlem sting
Fairground ident
Hip hop machine ident
Mexican Jailer ident
Capsule Hotel ident
On the Island g bite
The lost g bite
Noodle VMA acceptance speech
Murdoc Alternative Queen's speech
Murdoc Record Company Thank You
Noodle Dare Interview
MTV Cribs
Monk's montage
Polar bear gags

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