Monday, December 11, 2006

Exodus - Biomechanical - The Dylan Project

Exodus and Biomechanical bands are on Europe toure. And dates are:
1-Dec-06 Friday Italy Siena Sonar Club
2-Dec-06 Saturday Italy Senigalia(Ancona) Mamamia
3-Dec-06 Sunday Italy Naples Duel Beat
4-Dec-06 Monday Switzerland Wil Remise
5-Dec-06 Tuesday France Lyon
7-Dec-06 Thursday Spain Villareal Salatal
8-Dec-06 Friday Spain Bilbao Santana
9-Dec-06 Saturday Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas
10-Dec-06 Sunday Spain Barcelona Apolo 2

The Dylan Project tour features Steve Gibbons, Dave Pegg, PJ Wright, Phil Bond, and where asterisked, Gerry Conway.
10 Dec * - Warrington Parr Hall 01925 442345
14 Dec - Leek The Swan 01538 385260
16 Dec * - London 100 Club 0207 636 0933
17 Dec * - Banbury The Mill 01295 279002

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