Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Morrissey and Download Charts

Morrissey is not happy about the British new pop-chart rules that weigh downloads as well as physical sales.

In a piece written for the Morrissey fan site, the Pope of Mope found beef with the pop charts in Great Britain keeping up with technology, mostly because once downloads get factored in, his singles don't do so well in the charts.

"'The Youngest Was the Most Loved' which was No. 3 in physical sales, yet not even in the Top Ten once downloads had been counted," Morrissey complained. "No doubt these absurd new chart rules will change soon, and it's worth remembering that they were introduced on the week that 'You Have Killed Me' entered at No. 3, so you can't blame me for thinking that someone is out to dislodge me."


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