Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rock Star Supernova have new name?

The punk band Supernova officially triumphed over the CBS reality-series rock act.

The punk band, had been operating under the Supernova moniker since the late '80s, won an initial injunction against the super-group using the name on CBS' Rock Star:
A judge issued an injunction against the producers of the CBS reality show using the Supernova moniker for its super-group.

The decision sided with the Costa Mesa, Calif. punk act Supernova, who alleged trademark infringement after the reality series launched a made-for-television band -- staffed by Gilby Clarke, Tommy Leeand Jason Newstead -- ripped off the outfit's name. Although the original Supernova didn't file trademark registration on the name, the judge agreed that its touring history and body of work -- which includes four albums -- was enough to assert a common-law claim on the name.

The series' band's future is up in the air until bond is set to ensure the injunction doesn't inflict financial damages on its producers if it's later overturned.

Whatever the super-band ends up calling itself, its series finale tonight (Sept. 14) names the winning singer who will go on to record an album with the rock veterans.

The reality-series act announced it will issue albums under the less succinct name Rock Star Supernova to avoid trademark infringement.


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